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Structural Steel Fabrication

Daigle Brothers, Inc is an AISC Certified structural steel fabricator.  We continue to invest in a variety of CNC equipment designed to process structural steel efficiently and accurately.  Having modern equipment helps Daigle Brothers provide competitive project pricing and positions us to ensure we are providing our customers with steel that fits together per plan and arrives on time.  We use an integrated software system to facilitate all aspects of our shop production including enabling our shop employees to utilize digital tablets to efficiently access paperless blueprints.  This ensures only the latest revision of prints are accessible to the shop floor.  This software also allows for real-time data collection allowing our team to accurately track project flow through our shop down to individual piece marks.

Structural Steel Detailing / CAD 

Daigle Brothers uses state of the art SDS/2 software to design and detail structural and miscellaneous steel for our projects.
Output from our 3D models is used to control our CNC beamlines, CNC saws, CNC plasma table, 
CNC angle line and CNC coping machine. The 3D models generated during detailing are fed into our manufacturing software.  This allows our team to visually review project sequencing with clients, track project completion and create load lists using colorized 3D models.

Custom Fabrication

Daigle Brothers utilizes modern equipment combined with good old hand craftsmanship
to provide our customers with a wide variety of fabrication solutions. 

Specialized Finishing

Daigle Brothers has an expansive, modern paint facility allowing us to efficiently apply a variety of high quality
coating systems including shop primer, epoxies and a variety of specialized coating systems.
We also work with a supplier to offer galvanized finishes when needed. 

Special Purpose Vehicle Equipment

Daigle Brothers designs and manufactures a line of specialized asphalt patch heaters and 

we also can design and fabricate custom yard trailers and other mobile fabricated equipment.

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