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About Us

Daigle Brothers, Inc is a diversified steel fabricator located in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. 

Daigle Brothers is mainly focused on structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication for the construction industry.

Our primary markets include steel fabrication for buildings in the educational, medical, industrial and commercial markets. 

In 1987, at age 20, Steve Daigle began doing business with South Side Welding and Sandblasting in Tomahawk as a subcontractor. In 1988 he bought the company and equipment to become sole owner and operator. Daigle Brothers Southside Welding and Sandblasting resulted in 1991 when Steve partnered with his brother Lee and the little repair shop began repositioning itself by doing miscellaneous fabrication work along with sandblasting and painting for local paper mills and other companies. A major turning point for what is now Daigle Brothers, Inc. came in 1993 when we bid on and were selected for our first big structural steel project, the Tomahawk, WI Middle School. In 1998 Steve bought out his brother’s portion of the company and began a number of growth initiatives including a new paint shop addition as well as starting DBI’s in-house detailing department.  Since that time, Daigle Brothers has continued to expand our facility, upgrade our equipment and we have completed over a thousand structural steel projects for hundreds of satisfied clients.  Through our performance on these projects, we have earned a reputation for integrity, quality and service. 

While most of our past projects have been located in the upper Midwest, Daigle Brothers has also successfully supplied steel for projects as far South as Texas, as far East as New Hampshire and as far West as California. 

Over the years Daigle Brothers has expanded our facility several times to keep up with demand. We have hired additional team members and we have continually upgraded our technology in terms of 3D modeling software (SDS/2), CNC Fabrication Equipment and IT infrastructure. 

In addition to structural steel fabrication, Daigle Brothers also has developed a product line for heating pothole patching mix ( through our sister company, 5D Industries. Every year we tackle a variety of non-structural steel fabrication projects including large yard trailers for commercial log transportation, polished stainless railings, custom boat ramps, etc. 

At Daigle Brothers we are eager to earn your business and tackle our next opportunity. 

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