Looking for an asphalt patch mix heater to make patching easier, safer and more cost effective?

  • Hot Patchheats the repair mix from cool temperatures to a workable temp in half an hour - the time it takes to drive to the job site.
  • The Hot Patchheater unit is customized to fit your one-ton truck bed - the truck can still be used as a utility size dump truck, is cost effective and does not drastically change the function of the utility dump box.
  • Equipped with a low shoveling platform to ease operator use - no more shoulders and back injuries.
  •   “Greenin that it uses your truck's own engine coolant to heat the repair mix while en route to your job site - no more pull behind equipment or thermostats.
  • Eliminate the need for dangerous flammable fuels and open flames.  Hot Patchis not only environmentally safe and durable, but also the most cost effective unit on the market.
  • Our shovel platform is designed with its own hydraulics which gets the patch mix to a workable height for shoveling.  This greatly reduces spillage and the chance of back injuries.  It is extremely useful with several daily duties such as: shoveling mulch, gravel, and top dirt as well as asphalt.
  • Hot Patchhas been tested for more than 10 years.
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Go Green and use Asphalt Hot Patch heaters

Marathon and Waupaca County Highway Departments do!

"We presently have four of these units and our road crew is always requesting that we acquire more of them.  It keeps our guys safe on the road while performing road maintenance...road surface repair more efficient" - Marathon County Highway Department

"Our employees were a bit skeptical when we first purchased this equipment, but after using the beds, they really liked the equipment.  We would recommend the heated asphalt truck beds to any company that needs hot asphalt." - Waupaca County Highway Commissioner

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