Daigle Brothers' History

Daigle Brothers, Inc. is a diversified steel fabricator and machine shop in Tomahawk that has been in business since 1987.  Daigle Brothers is a customer driven organization built on integrity, flexibility, and quality that supplies structural and miscellaneous steel for commercial and industrial building projects throughout the Midwest.  In addition, DBI also fabricates steel stairs and hand rails, and offers services such as welding repairs, steel sales, custom fabricating, supplying steel joist and metal decking, computerized saw cutting, metal forming and machining including machine bases and sole plates.  As an American Institute of Steel Construction AISC certified shop, DBI has earned a reputation for excellence after years of growth through utilization of new systems and processes. 

In 1987, at age 20, Steve Daigle began doing business with South Side Welding and Sandblasting in Tomahawk as a subcontractor.  In 1988 he bought the company and equipment to become sole owner and operator.  Daigle Brothers Southside Welding and Sandblasting resulted in 1991 when Steve partnered with his brother Lee.   In 1998 Steve bought out his brother’s portion of the company and the little repair shop began repositioning itself by doing miscellaneous fabrication work along with sandblasting and painting for local paper mills and other companies.  A major turning point for what is now Daigle Brothers, Inc. came in 1993 when they bid on and were selected for their first big structural steel project for the Tomahawk Middle School. 

One year later the company moved across the street into what, at the time, seemed like a well-laid-out building of 30 x 80 feet. The facility has seen many modifications, including a 7,000-square-foot addition to house their growing machine shop business. Equipment in the machine shop includes a 5” G & L Boring Bar, a Haas Vertical Machining Center, and a 15 Ton Bridge Crane. In 2007 a small addition was necessary for the automated beam transfer shuttles and conveyors which were designed and built in house. These help cut down on handling time and crane use.

DBI, through a lot of hard work, achieved its goal in 2009 of becoming an American Institute of Steel Construction certified shop.  As part of the company’s overarching commitment to quality, it has a full time employee assigned to maintain quality control.

In 2006 alone, DBI saw gross sales increase by 50%.  DBI has supplied the structural steel for award-winning commercial buildings and specialty sites around the state.  Steel fabrication has remained the core, and they’ve become a frequent contributor to large commercial buildings constructed by general contractors such as The Boldt Company and Miron Construction. For example, DBI has been involved with four distinctive Hummer dealerships; three in the Wisconsin area and one in Minneapolis. The Milwaukee-based, Bergstrom Automotive facility was cited as “Wisconsin’s Top Project in 2002” by Wisconsin Builder for its “unique steel design”.

DBI has received recognition for the Peninsula Players Theatre in Door County’s Fish Creek.  Much of this outdoor theatre’s tube steel structure is uniquely exposed, and the project was among the winners in a worldwide competition sponsored by Design Data, a company that markets SDS/2, a sophisticated three-dimensional structural drafting software system.  The project, constructed by The Boldt Company, is featured in Design Data’s 2007 calendar with prominent mention of Daigle Brothers as the detailer and fabricator.  DBI was also a supplier for the UW-Oshkosh Student Recreation and Wellness Center, numerous jobs for the Wausau and Stevens Point school districts, the Packaging Corporation of America Tomahawk Mill, and the latest additions at the new Harley Davidson facility also in Tomahawk.  DBI, in 2007, was awarded the contract for 800 tons of structural steel for the Riverview Hospital in Wisconsin Rapids, and in 2008, was awarded the contract for 1,744 tons of structural steel for Appleton Medical Center Bed Tower Addition.

Daigle Brothers’ drafting department uses SDS/2, the standard in the general computer-aided-design industry.  This complexity in selection of a fundamental toolset is indicative of the sophistication of today’s structural systems.  Daigle Brothers’ drafting department has provided SDS/2 demonstrations to Tomahawk School District civil engineering students and to area technical colleges who are much in need of exposure to this level of design technology. 

For the past 10 years, Daigle Brothers has been developing an environmental friendly asphalt patch mix heater, and in 2009, Daigle Brothers launched Hot Patch.  Hot Patch is an asphalt patch mix heater insert that fits into any size truck and uses the truck’s own engine coolant to heat the repair mix.  It’s revolutionary design and ergonomic features have been marketed at the 2010 International Public Works show in Boston in September.   Hot Patch units have been purchased by cities, counties, and highway departments throughout the United States, including Alaska.  A distributor from Puerto Rico is now marketing it to countries in Central America. 

Daigle Brothers is a member of a small group of Lincoln County officials, educators, and business people working together to bring wind energy and rural broadband access to Lincoln County.  In 2009, Daigle Brothers funded 2 official site assessments to determine wind energy potential at the company’s facility and in the neighboring town of Irma.  In addition, the company has been involved since 2008 in research to increase broadband access to members of our rural community.    

To this day, Daigle Brothers loyalty to customers and quality maintains the company’s high business reputation.  Together with the support of its dedicated employees, Daigle Brothers will preserve the vision, and remain committed to the values set forth since the beginning.